Georgia Hilton MPE CAS MPSE Prod/Dir/Editor

Film Services Professional ( Producing / Editing / Delivery )

Georgia Hilton MPE MPSE CAS     Producer / Director / Editor



Certified Final Cut Pro Instructor & ProTools Instructor











Currently Available for Project Development, Picture & Sound Editorial, Sound Design, Mixing, DVD authoring and Delivery Support for your Broadcast or Film project.

My team and I are also available for producing and production projects. 

I am an approved Dolby content provider, delivering Dolby-E, Dolby-AC3, Digital delivery encoding services and QC for features & broadcast projects. I have a comprehensive credit list including picture editorial, sound design, and mixing, for over 30 feature films and countless other film and broadcast projects. Additionally, I have designed and built various facilities, including a Broadcast facility for the NPBA, editorial facilities for Subliminal Records, The Inc records, a full Dolby Dub Stage for Yellow Box Studios in Singapore, and others. I also produce broadcast projects such as MOB LIKE JUSTICE, PETS IN THE CITY, COP CAR CONFESSIONS, MEGACLUB PACHA NYC and others. 

Prior to my post-production career, I was in Information Systems and Services. I have a twenty-five year history in technology & project management, budgeting, client services, project development, implementation and operations. My work has included Corporate Operations & Management, Anti-Submarine Warfare, Submarine Communications, Heavy Military Systems, Cellular Telephone systems development & operation, RF, VLF, & LF Radio Technologies, as well as, International Telecomm, Network Design, and Systems Design & Integration. I have managed Software & Database Development teams, Data Center implementations and Cellular Switching Center Implementations. My teams have designed, built and managed major Data Centers for companies such as Comp-U-Card International, ITT, Travelers, Citicorp and AirTouch Cellular, and successfully implemented the first Cellular Digital Packet Data Network for AirTouch Cellular.

Georgia Hilton .
CAS, MPSE, AES, SMPTE, IATSE, MPE (Picture Editor)



Into The Rose Garden Executive Producer Chase Coleman
Legend Of Love Executive Producer John Quashe
Mama Executive Producer Hilton Media Managment
Hollywood Hit Executive Producer / Producer HMM LLC
New Hampshire Daze Producer / Director Hilton Media Management
Glow Producer / Director Goergia Hilton
Shooting Johnson Roebling Producer Seven Bridges Productions
Year Zero co-producer 1 Line Media
The Rainbow Room Editor Insomnia Pictures
Mama Editor Hilton Media Managment
Legend Of Love Editor John Quashe
Into The Rose Garden Editor Chase Coleman
Pretty Good Western Editor Jonathan Ehlers
Between Heaven & Earth Editor Ramni Filmworks
Hey Diddle Diddle Editor Dream Factory
Rock The Paint Editor Kippeny Productions
Shooting Johnson Robeling Editor Seven Bridges Productions
And then came Love Editor Fox Medow Films
The Child Within Editor BlueFlower Productions
Twisted Fortune Editor Guardian Enertainment
Billy 528 Editor SeeThink Productions
Queen of Media Editor Guardian Entertainment
Around the world for Free Re-Recording Engineer Carmen Lianos
Haber Re-Recording Engineer Haberfilm
Jungle Emporer Leo Re-Recording Engineer Media Blasters
Twisted Fortune Re-Recording Engineer Guardian Enertainment
Shooting Johnson Robeling Re-Recording Engineer Seven Bridges Productions
Final Engagement Re-Recording Engineer Ari Novac
GoodBye Baby Re-Recording Engineer Gigantic pictures
Going Under Re-Recording Engineer Eric Werthman
The Look Re-Recording Engineer David Sigal
The Reawakening Re-Recording Engineer Diane Fraher
Animated Century Re-Recording Engineer Irina Margolina
Ragdoll Re-Recording Engineer ESRA
Battleship X Re-Recording Engineer National Maritime Museum
Caleb's Door Re-Recording Engineer Arthur Vincie
Intrepid Wings Re-Recording Engineer Intrepid Museum
The Child Within Re-Recording Engineer BlueFlower Productions
Sunday on the Rocks Re-Recording Engineer Joe Morton
Hey Didddle Diddle Re-Recording Engineer Dream Factory
Jona Tomberry Re-Recording Engineer World Wide Audio Inc
Billy 528 Re-Recording Engineer SeeThink Productions
Jungle Emperor Leo Re-Recording Engineer Media Blasters
Gateway Re-Recording Engineer National Maritime Museum IMAX
Year Zero Re-Recording Engineer 1 Line Media
Legend Of Love Re-Recording Engineer HMM LLC
Lucky Life Re-Recording Engineer Lee Isaac Chung
Rock the Paint Sound Designer Kippeny Productions
Twisted Fortune Sound Designer Guardian Enertainment
Final Engagement Sound Designer Ari Novac
Around the world for Free Sound Designer Carmen Lianos
Shooting Johnson Robeling Sound Designer Seven Bridges Productions
GoodBye Baby Sound Designer Gigantic pictures
The Look Sound Designer David Sigal
Battleship X Sound Designer National Maritime Museum
Caleb's Door Sound Designer Arthur Vincie
Going Under Sound Designer Eric Werthman
Animated Century Sound Designer Irina Margolina
Billy 528 Sound Designer SeeThink Productions
Gateway Sound Designer National Maritime Museum IMAX
Ragdoll Sound Designer ESRA
Intrepid Wings Sound Designer Intrepid Museum
Year Zero Sound Designer 1 Line Media
The Child Within Sound Editor BlueFlower productions
Legend Of Love Post Production Supervisor HMM LLC
The Reawakening Supervising Sound Editor Diane Fraher
One Step Behind Supervising Sound Editor ESRA
Dolls Supervising Sound Editor ESRA
Sunday on the Rocks Supervising Sound Editor Joe Morton
Red Hope Supervising Sound Editor ESRA
Playground Supervising Sound Editor ESRA
Shooting Johnson Robeling Music Editor seven Bridges Productions
The Reawakening Music editor Diane Fraher
Around the world for Free Dialogue Editor Carmen Lianos
Final Engagement Composer Ari Novac
Wasabi Tuna ADR Recording Engineer lee Friedlander
Glow co-writer Georgia Hilton


Super Sellers Executive Producer Hilton Media Management
Moving Dirt Executive Producer Hilton Media Managemenet
WrestlHER Executive Producer Hilton Media Management
Mob Like Justice Executive Producer Undercover Productions
Pets in the City Executive Producer Undercover Productions
King of Club Executive Producer Hilton Media Management
Mega Clubs - Pacha NYC Producer/Director Hilton Media Management
Moving Dirt Producer/Director Hilton Media Management
The Other 1% - Law Enforcement Motorcycle Clubs Producer / Director Hilton Media Management LLC
The Biz Producer Hilton Media Management LLC
Cop Car Confessions producer / editor Under Cover Productions
Ultimate Bouquets Producer/Director Hilton Media Management LLC
Travels with Ana Producer Geo Multimedia
Super Cops Associate Producer Guardian Entertainment
Mob Like Justice Director Undercover Productions
Xaiver - Renegade Angel 10 episodes Supervising Sound Editor Cinematico
The D-Word Re-Recording Engineer Dasha Snyder / Noelle Brower
The D-Word Sound Designer Dasha Snyder / Noelle Brower


WCBSTV Eye On Reality (Taxi) Producer/Director 1 Lne media
WCBSTV Eye On Reality (UFO) Producer/Director 1 Line Media
WCBSTV Eye On Reality (Wreaking Ball) Producer/Director 1 Line Media
WCBSTV Eye On Reality (bus) Producer/Director 1 Line Media
WCBSTV Eye On Reality (Manhole) Producer/Director 1 Line Media
WCBSTV Eye On Reality (Piano) Producer/Director 1 Line Media
Ultralock Editor JAA
Grand theft auto III sound Designer rock star games
Endless Pools Sound Designer Endless pools
NBA 50th Annerversary Sound Designer Rutt Video
First Wives Club Sound Designer Paramount Pictures


You're So Vain Music Video Director/Producer Iris Records
Hoggin all the covers Concert DVD Producer Band from TV
Crash Test Dummies live Editor Crash Test Dummies
moe. - live at the filmore Editor moe.
Hoggin all the covers Concert DVD Editor Band From TV

Video Games

Smugglers Run II Sound Designer  


Manic Attack 70 short films Editor Seven Bridges Productions


Giant Robo Sound Designer Media Blasters
The Phoenix Re-Recording Engineer Media Blasters

Performer Skills

  • Performance Skills: Sailor, Motorcyclist, Firearms
  • Athletic Skills: Cycling
  • Musical Instruments: Piano

Employment Details

  • Work History: Commercial, Radio, Film, Industrial, Television, Music Video
  • Job Categories: Editing, Producing, Cinematography, Production, Composing
  • Are you willing to work unpaid?: No
  • Authorized to work in United States: Yes
  • Primary Citizenship: United States
  • Valid Passport: Yes

Member of   Motion Picture Sound Editors Guild, Cinema Audio Society,  Audio EngineeringSociety,  IEEE Society,  IEEE