Georgia Hilton MPE CAS MPSE Prod/Dir/Editor

Film Services Professional ( Producing / Editing / Delivery )

Intership with Georgia

My Internship program is far different than the norm. During your internship you will be involved working with clients, and you will receive credits for your resume and/or CV. Expect to be on set supporting shoots with our various production partners and clients as well as working in the studio. Additionally, all our interns receive formal lectures and hands-on training during their tenure. Our training program is modeled after the United States Navy so be prepared.

Don’t think for a minute though, that it’s easy. We are very selective in picking our interns and all work long hard hours doing pre-production, video shoots, sound design, editing, assisting in sessions, working with clients, and yes, cleaning and making coffee.

Our internship program is a no pay internship. You will receive serious training and you will provide serious work.

Besides actually working in the studio, and training, you are allowed to use the studio for your own projects at no cost if you are interning with us. Additionally, once you are checked out on the facility, we pro-actively help you to grow your career by allowing you to book your own gigs using our studio facilities at extremely low or no cost so that you can afford to begin to grow your career while interning at 1 Line Media.

Our Internship program requires a MINIMUM of 6 months, 3 days per week and 1 weekend a month. YES. You read right. And just to scare you some more, you can expect to work from 10am until, and we mean until… we are done for the day. Normally our days are 10am until 6pm, but when a project is due or we’re under a deadline we have been know to work until the next morning. So plan on it. If you want to be in production… get used to it. It isn’t a 9 to 5 kinda job.

If you feel that you are ready and would like to begin or grow your career in video and audio production and post production please Jonathan or Peter at our Studio. or