Georgia Hilton MPE CAS MPSE Prod/Dir/Editor

Film Services Professional ( Producing / Editing / Delivery )

Partial Client List

Comet Entertainment   SOMUGA productions   Yellow Box Studios
LMGdigital Media   Audio 333   WCBS
American Girl Brands   Nielsen Media Research   Rami Films
Lowie Vs America   LMG Digital Media  

Undercover Productions


World Wide Audio Inc   Lone Shark Studios   Picturehouse Entertainment
Band From TV   Vivendi/Universal    
HBO   MTV Networks   Loan Shark Filmworks
    Feral House Publishing   Manic Panic NYC
Gigantic Films   Subliminal Records  

American Center for Arts & Culture



Guardian Entertainment   Warner Brothers   Fox Meadow Films
GRS Systems       Sweethearts Music
HDnet   Crash Test Dummies   2150
4 Person Pictures   Blue Flower Productions  

Platinum Studios


Gil Scott-Heron   Brian Jackson   Onondaga Indian Nation
Circamusic   Fox Broadcasting   TNT / Tuner Entertainment
Barenholtz Productions   Rocketta Films   Discovery HD
Media Blasters   PBS   Moe
Underground Railroad Museum   EDW Productions   Martini Pictures
Jeremy Taylor   American Indian Artists Inc.   Rembrandt Films
911 Films   Two Lizzies Productions   KSI Films Inc.
Mobb Deep Productions   Hook Line Sinker Productions   The Cannary Filmworks
Princeton University   USS Intrepid Museum   FilmChicks / Just Once Productions
Structural Displays Co.   Chronus Films   Film Festival Today
Yasuhiro Imagawa   Fat Boy Records   Blue Flower Productions
Artmar Inc.   Rock the Paint Productions LLC   Discovery Channel
Liev Schreiber   A+E Channel  



Def Jam   Luv ya Mum Pictures   Digital Angel
Rock Star Games   Mark Matousek   Pepsi
The Enclave   De-I Productions   THX / TAP
The Inc. (Murder Inc Records)   International Paper   Jerry Wonder
SeeThink Productions   Ja Rule   Samurai Music
Ranie Ashare - Producer   Vincent Roberti   Voice Over Unlimited
Universal Music   Seagram   11 11 / Blitz / Mac
National Maritime Museum   Full House Productions   Barry Alexander Brown
Second Comming   Motion Media  

The Cubby Hole


The Crackhouse Studios   Luv-Ya-Mum Records   George Lyter
Bill Plympton   Wyclef Jean   National Basketball Association