Georgia Hilton MPE CAS MPSE Prod/Dir/Editor

Film Services Professional ( Producing / Editing / Delivery )




“Georgia and her crew took on the massive job of creating a 5 channel surround sound action audio track for a 15 minute video we were producing for the Intrepid Museum. She did a superb job of taking our base track and then creating a full blown surround sound track with new sounds and effects that made the theater rumble as the jets flew over the screen. Over the years we've worked together on many other projects. I highly recommend Georgia.”

-       David Calderwood – President, Euro-Pacific Film & Video, NY


“I am extraordinarily proud to recommend Georgia. She has an incredibly deep understanding of the technological aspects of any multi-media effort coupled with an intense level of creativity. I found her communicative, thorough, passionate, inventive, expressive, and yet, no bullshit. Georgia - that's how you spell 'relief.'”

-       Jeff Weber – Producer, Partner, Authentic Voyages, CA


“I have had the pleasure of working with Georgia Hilton on many occasions over the past ten years. She is a consummate professional with the ability to wear many hats during pre-production, production or post. Georgia brings a comfort level to a project: you know that if something urgently needs technical or creative attention, she will be instrumental in finding a solution. She has that rare combination of state of the art technical skills and understanding tied to a creative, curious nature. Finally, she has a wicked sense of humor, always an asset in this business . . .”

-       Hal Rifkin – President, HM Rifkin Productions, NJ


“Georgia and her people deliver great work at a reasonable price. She is extremely creative, finding ways to deliver a great final result within the confines and limitations of a meager budget. She is a true professional.”

-       Clem Turner – Senior Associate, Zukerman, Gore & Brandeis LLP, NY


“Georgia Hilton is considerate, professional, tops in her field; who goes out of here way to deliver the best possible result; regardless of the amount of extra work and effort she and her staff may have to put in to achieve the final, finished product.”

-       Allen Boxer – Executive Producer, Alexander Captial, LP, NY


“Having known Georgia few quite a few years I am always impressed with her knowledge and her willingness to share that knowledge with others. When she brought a recent project by to "The Dub Stage" and I listened to her work it became very obvious that not only does she know the technical aspects of a mix but she is also a very fine Re-Recording Mixer herself! I look towards the future to have any opportunity to work with her. SHE IS THAT GOOD!!!”

-       Marti Humphrey – President, Re-Recording Engineer, The Dub Stage, CA


"Georgia represents the pinnacle in technical and creative knowledge, coupled with an excellent ear for aesthetics and a tremendous willingness to act as a mentor within the community. Bar none, Georgia is among the top talent of her profession!”

-       Brad McIlvaine - Sr. Mixer/Sound Designer, Henninger Media Services, NY


"Georgia's work is amazing, she brought our feature to life via her film editing and sound design. We couldn't have done it without her and her team."

-       Scott Mann - Executive Producer, NY


"Georgia's extensive experience has proven to be a valuable source of information. She is always coming to the rescue of the less-experienced and, the not-so-less-experienced."

-       Mark Hensley - Re-Recording Mixer, Los Angeles CA


"Georgia is one of the most knowledgeable people in the post production sound industry that I know. Couple that with her generosity in sharing that wealth, and you have what I would call a true diplomat for the film audio community."

-Charles Dayton CAS - Re-Recording Engineer, Burbank, CA


“I think Georgia already answered every question I could ever possibly have. Thanks Georgia, you are amazing!”

-E Hall - Sound Editor, Minneapolis MN


“Georgia, you are holy freaking awesome. Thank you!!!”

-Clay Schmitt - Sound Editor, Santa Monica CA


"Georgia's contributions in Post Production are as educational as the best course or reference book. Her knowledge and willingness to share makes Georgia a first stop for valuable information. She should consider writing a book. Georgia's Audio Post Guide and Desk Reference.”

-Joe Miller – Film Composer, Music Instructor, Duquesne University, Pittsburg, PA


“Wow! My brain hurts.  Thanks for all Georgia.”

-Sean G - Sound Editor, New Jersey


“Thank you for your time and generosity, your work is great! Are you accepting marriage proposals?”

-Makoto - Sound Engineer, Japan


"Georgia Hilton knows post-production inside-out, and she doesn't mind sharing her knowledge!"

- Geert van den Berg Wim Pel Productions Verijn Stuartweg Dieme,  Amsterdam


“Wow, you are amazing.., one thing leads to another and here I am rolling in answers to questions I didn't know existed.”

-Manis - Sound Designer, Australia


“My head is about to explode from all the information you provide! I love it. You are amazing. Thank you so much.”

-Cagoth - Sound Editor


“I know it's been said, but wanted you to know that your effort is very appreciated. Thank you very much Georgia!!”

-Takeshi - Sound Designer, Argentina


“I teach Sound Design at Duquesne University and recommend to my students that they follow your work. Thank you for all of your expertise and willingness to share it.”

-Don M - Multi-Media Professor, Pittsburg PA


"Georgia is a beacon of knowledge among the sea of complicated information about the meticulous subject of post production. She's always available and extremely patient with even the most insignificant questions. Thanks Georgia"

-       Denes - musician/engineer, San Juan, Puerto Rico


“Georgia is a treasure. She has an impressive knowledge of post production, and the generosity to spread it around and help those at all levels, from students to professionals. She's one of the coolest people in the business.”

- Mark Kilborn   Sound Designer   Los Angeles, CA


 “Georgia is a brilliant engineer in every aspect of sound. My abilities as a producer and an executive are made infinately superior due to her involvement in my projects. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.”

 -RJ Bucaria producer NY, NY


“Ms. Hilton has a wealth of knowledge in entertainment law and business. She has what it takes to get the job done. Her no nonsense approach proves to work for her many times over. Great Results, Expert ”

- Benny Quetell Producer NY, NY

 Georgia Hilton is a genius sound designer. We couldn’t have done it without the actors and the sound engineers!  Ray and I are both very high on audio, by the way. We marvel that more writers aren’t producing audio of their writing. What a great opportunity, and what a great medium.

 - Polly Frost, Author NY, NY

“What Georgia Hilton does not know about "post production" for film is not worth knowing. A true inspiration with an intuitive head for business. Georgia is a perfectionist and her work in sound design and picture editing is reflected in her work which is of "world class" standard.”

 -Rebecca Lloyd, Composer LA, CA